Finally, A Martial Arts Class That's Safe, Easy To Follow, Non-Intimidating, And Gets You In Shape Fast! Learn Martial Arts with the Best Instructors in Merrick!

Forget working out "one body part at a time." With MMA you work your whole body, every time. Combine that with our "sneaky" nutrition secrets, and that's how you get a rock-solid, toned, and muscular body. Oh - and you'll have the stamina of a horse too. You'll feel results after just day 1 – and start actually seeing your body change just a few days later.

Here’s What You Will Get In Every Single Class

MMA Fitness

Guys who show up for MMA with a bit of extra fat are amazed at how quickly it turns into muscle. And not only that, it's the kind of muscle you can really see. Your arms get big and toned, your calves make women salivate, and your ripped abs make other guys jealous. MMA training seems to burn more fat off of you every time you come in - and here's why... Every single time you train - your entire body gets a ridiculously powerful workout. The "myth" out there is that you should work out different sections of your body on different days. The thing is... that's only true for lifting heavyweights. For cardio - you want a good workout for your whole body, because that's what really kicks your metabolism into hyper-drive. Also, we'll give you some powerful nutrition secrets that seal the deal. And I'm not even talking about a diet. Not even close. Just a few changes here and there.

Community & Friendship

Our classes are not about competition. Kids here don't want to be "better" than each other - instead, we teach them that we should all help each other get better and stronger. The community here is very tight. New students are warmly welcomed and make friends right away. Shy kids come out of their shell. It's a wonderful thing to see.

Self-Defense & Safety

Of course, no martial arts class is complete without self-defense. And your child will learn plenty of it! We also teach bully-prevention, "stranger danger", and other important lessons to keep your child safe and sound.

Take advantage of our special but hurry, classes fill up fast!

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